Next steps

We have been really pleased that many readers of this site have become writers too and have been inspired to participate in a number of ways.

To kick start the manifesto we asked a few media educators to provide us with their view on the purpose of media education. This initial set of contributions was only a starting point and not supposed to represent the breadth and depth of our subject. That’s where you came in…

A number of people from all over the world were inspired to write their own rationales, to comment on the articles, to tweet and blog about the subject and to come to the symposium in June. Now we have closed the site to new contributions but we are moving on to the next phase.

We have selected a number of contributions for the authors to expand into longer pieces to form chapters for a book of the same name which will be published in 2012. We will also be drawing upon many of the other submissions here as part of the book, using the range of positions articulated and the breadth of experience of our contributors to help frame the four sections of the book:

  • Politics, Power and Meaning
  • Creativity
  • Literacy
  • Production, Practice and Professionalism




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